Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity

Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity
Ames, Iowa
Completion Date
August 15, 2006
Project Size
4,400 sf
This basement remodel project was the first phase of work completed based on a master plan prepared for a fraternity at Iowa State University.

Project Description

Dinning Room

The master plan, prepared in 2006, provided the fraternity with a road map for work on all four floors of the house.  When the master plan is completed, all areas of the house will be provided with new finishes, lighting, and an automatic fire sprinkler system.  The overriding goal for the proposed project was to create interior spaces that were more harmonious with the exterior of the original house which was built in the early 1900's.

On the exterior, the existing main east entry portico was removed and a larger porch was added to provide an exterior gathering space.

On the interior, dark wood trim and wainscoting contrast with lightly painted walls and ceilings to bring a refined 'men's club' atmosphere to the new basement environment.

Existing steel pipe columns in the dining room were wrapped with a classical column treatment and tie into a beamed ceiling with new lighting.  Patterned vinyl flooring completed the finish upgrade in this area.

Recreation Room

The central basement room's failing concrete floor was replaced and the wood paneling was used to create a sophisticated recreation room for the members.  New lighting was used to brighten the space and an opening was created to the adjacent lounge area to visually open up the area.

Work on the next phase began in May 2008.  By fall, the first floor of the original house will be nearly complete.  Finishes selected for the basement will be incorporated into the new look of the main public areas of the house.

Entertainment Room