Ames Christian School

Ames Christian School
Ames, IA
Completion Date
October 01, 2001
Project Size
14,650 sf
The Ames Christian School came into being through the efforts of building contractors and the volunteer labor of many of the student's families.  Pressed for space in their existing location, the school recognized the need to provide a new facility for their students which would be more conducive to learning.  Current needs, future expansion and flexibility were key issues they wanted to address.

Project Description

Entry 1

The 14,650 square foot building design provides separate classrooms for pre-school and kindergarten.

First grade through eighth grade are accommodated in classrooms which combine two grade levels.  These rooms have been designed so they can be equipped with movable partitions to divide the rooms into two separate areas if needed.

The multipurpose room, currently the size of two classrooms, can be remodeled into additional classrooms in the future.  An art room, library and specialized learning room were also included.


Entry 2

A simple rectangular form was chosen to help keep construction costs down.  The project materials were chosen with initial cost and long-term maintenance in mind.

Brick masonry, aluminum clad wood windows and metal column covers were incorporated into a Georgian influenced design that would help set the image for future projects in the adjacent development.

Large windows were provided to introduce natural light into the interior and provide views, amenities which were in short supply at the school's previous location.  The entry corridor is located to allow for future expansion to the north.

Classroom 1


Classroom 2